Our own experience led us to create LocalCat. We are all cat owners and cat lovers and we had a reoccurring problem: whom do we leave our kittens during our travels (holidays, business trips, long weekends)? We’ve asked each other too often to take care of our cats, but over the years we felt that this solution was not sustainable in the long run – the favour has a limit. We wanted to call for cat sitters, but we did not find any kind of business we've been looking for. That was when the idea of LocalCat was born, and soon after we executed that idea.


Because trust is a key concept in cat sitting, the LocalCat team is made up of the owners with friends and family members. So, we work exclusively with those responsible cat sitters whom we trust most.


We hope you are confident with us and will benefit from the LocalCat service.


We only work with cat-sitters who have relevant reference and we take maximum responsibility for them.


In addition to your kitty cat, your beloved home will be under daily supervision.


Our cat sitters fed and cared for many kittens in the absence of their owners - besides the owners, the cats were also satisfied!


We are trying to resolve any emerging requests and arriving to you at the agreed time.


Reliability is key to us. We arrive at a pre-arranged time and we handle the kittens exactly like you expect.


In case of trouble, your kitty will be taken to the vet, which you named in your order form.


+36 70 70 55 282

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